Malaysian- born Kenyan artist Lindsay Adhiambo Obath , 24, popularly known as 'Ah_This', is a former architectural student , who left her degree halfway to pursue a degree and career in the Fine Arts. She has been working artist for 3 years focusing on 2D arts and now branching off into Body Painting and Mixed media.
She started body painting at the Nyege Nyege festival in Jinja, Uganda when she had taken her paints to make a few landscapes. Each morning she had this ritual to paint herself, and sooner rather than later people around the festival loved it and asked her to adorn them and she hasn't stopped since. It puts her in situations where she can really open up herself to people and vice-versa.
Through her craft, she hopes to create a platform where she can make connections with people while she paints them and be able to compliment them by helping them express themselves the best was she know's how.