#OwnYourCulture started out as a question on society and style by blogger and fashion consultant Miss Vavavum. What was once a passion mission to research the origins of Kenyan traditional fashion and style soon turned into a continental movement, with enthusiasts from as far as South Africa and as near as Tanzania. Each participant of this movement is required to style a traditional piece with a modern-day clothes. This was in a bid to show the fashionable-ity of traditional jewelry. This movement has garnered support from various high achieving women from around Africa and we are proud to feature them and their inspirations.

Our inherent belief is that as a continent, it's important to set our own style and art agenda based on our own context amd history. This is a space that uplifts and encourages with the main theme being the art of traditional jewelry today. There are different sections of the site that will highlight and feature al sorts of #ownyourculture trendsetters. 

They also supply and design cultural accessories at competitive prices.