Kerby’s music has developed from an incubated space filled with “love, confidence, assurance, ideas, feedback and energy.” His sound is mostly free flowing with ambient backgrounds and smooth progressions.

                She’s insecure about her body/staring at the glass/while walking down the lobby, he raps in ‘Secure’.

His most recent hip hop and rap collection Metro Empathy features a wide range of artists from Janice Iche to Mr Lu to Kijo. The 17-track collection is deeply reflective and shows a high degree of sensitivity on Kerby’s part. ‘Dreaming Wide Awake’ lacks urgency, and there are long spaces of time filled with contemplative sounds. There is a lot of depth in the song ‘Power’ from the echoes in the refrain.

 Kerby’s performances are about taking time and working together with his team to deliver a worthwhile show for his audience. “I have a focused team, producers, engineers, film, photography, health and nutrition, costume and props, stage and lighting,” he says.

Kerby speaks with awe of his favoriteB artists Frank Ocean and Stevie Don Dada. Ocean’s ‘White Ferrari’ and ‘Godspeed’ are among tracks he loves to blast in his headphones. “Even when on high volume, they won’t strain my central nervous system.” Similarly, Kerby’s music does not strain the nerves and is great to unwind to. He hopes fans can bring their true selves for Blankets and Wine in what will potentially be a mood-shaping performance.