Fena’s artistic journey has been prolific: from growing up in a musical household to becoming a household name. Her appearances in the second season of Coke Studio season two, hot-on-the-heels of her 2013 album Fenamenon, played a significant part in this journey. Her performances with Nigerian artist Olamide exposed her to a wider audience as they graced the local and continental scene.

At that time, Fena was also making strides and producing chart-topping singles including

and fan favorite


Her lyrics sampled common expressions and turned them into pop gold.

“I like making reference to my childhood upbringing. We used to play brikicho, and sema ngwe,” the Fenamenal artist says.

                       “I want listeners to remember those good old days and correlate it with now.”

Fena calls her music as ‘Urban Soul’, and many of her songs are a blend of jazz, neo-soul, reggae and afro-house and pop. Her musical upbringing makes her conscious of her sound. “My sister is a classically-trained singer so my standards of music have been set a bit high for me,” she says. But this also enables her to give her music ranging styles and themes.

In the feel good anthem


Fena is both flirty and coy. The catchy opening hook, a percussion and solo guitar loop, gives it an old school vibe. ‘Dutch’ and ‘Brikicho’ are made all the more nostalgic by the electro-pop sounds, echoing refrains and smooth progressions. In all these songs, her edgy outer persona – the signature round shades and lots of blazers worn like armor – is disarmed by her husky voice.

From singing backup vocals for Dela and Muthoni the Drummer Queen, to performing alongside local and global sensations both home and away, Fena has gradually come into her own. She will definitely bring fun times to Blankets and Wine.