When Mayonde started out two years ago, her music was soulful, jazzy and mellow. However, on a stint as a background vocalist in the Coke Studio Africa Band in 2015, she got the chance to work with some of the best artists on the continent, and to infuse the concepts and ideas learnt there in her own creative process. 

Mayonde’s current sound, which she debuted at the Afri-na-ladi concert, is a mixture of soul and Afro-pop. It is also a reflection of the positive impact working with diverse artists has had on her music.

Her Blankets and Wine set comprised of new tracks and mashups from her debut album, Magic in the Air, which features, among others,

. The album is a mix of jazzy, mellow sounds and playful, yet well thought-out lyrics and song arrangements.

Magic in the Air, was released in May 2015, and is available on Mookh. The online digital content seller enables flexibility in how she markets her music and makes her work affordable for her fans. “I chose Mookh because of its competitive rates, and their holistic approach to artist management,” she says. 

Mayonde thinks of her new musical leanings as a celebration, a big party that enables her audiences to have a shared experience, especially through dance. “I love to let people dance with me, and sing with me, and clap with me. Dance is something I have always been passionate about.” 

Her new music fits well with this, she hopes to incorporate it more in her performances. “I’m feeling really good now about my life, and that’s what my music feels like now,” she says.