Sage is mostly known for her break out collaboration ‘So-Alive’ which she released early 2013 featuring well known Kenyan rapper, Octopizzo. The Kenyan singer/songwriter/ instrumentalist got her big break when she became the backing vocalist and keyboardist to Muthoni the Drummer Queen.

This gave her the experience she needed to start her solo career in late 2011. She later went on to release her follow up single ‘Maskini’ and has managed to do collaborations with other Kenyan acts including rap group One-two-five and Jay A.

Her music can be described as a soulful fusion of all things musical. She writes from the heart and is not afraid of expressing raw emotion. The singer has managed to perform at festivals such as Kinanda Festival and the Go Down gig among others. She released debut album, “Expose Yourself” in 2015.