Jay Z’s “Somewhere in America” (sampled from Jimmy Norman's "Gangster of Love") enters a whole new realm when Kenyan artist, Jarel sings it. Matching his powerful vocals with beautiful visuals, singer-songwriter Jarel in effect kills it on this one.

Not a stranger to reworking jams, Jarel was part of The Nest’s Legacy project that saw young artists pay homage to Kenya’s pioneering pop artists.

You want to hear Jarel’s own work? Check out his band, The Black Progression who are presently crafting a genre called world fusion, a blend of universal World Music and contemporary genres around us such as Seben, Jazz, Blues, Indie, Rumba, Mugithi, Psychedelic, Funk among others. Peep their debut EP, Milk It.

Jarel also appears on Stand Up, a Tim Rimbui track, alongside Nigerian producer Mastekraft and Wangechi.