He’s a celebrated musician, DJ, producer, TED fellow and a new achievement every time you hear about him. Blinky Bill came to many of our eyes and ears as part of indie music collective Just A Band and whether on his solo missions or with the guys, continues to push the boundaries of what it means to create ‘Kenyan’ and even ‘African’ music and art.

His music fuses old and new local sounds with funk, RnB and electronic beats. Even more new styles and moods are created in his many collaborations with fellow musicians and various artists in different media – Just A Band were the ones behind Kenya’s first viral video sensation with Huff+Puff (remember Makmende?).

Blinky inspires and leads by example with collaboration, innovation and exploration which he shares not only in his work itself but speaking at panels and other presentations sharing his process. The stage though, particularly festivals, is where you’ll see him shine the brightest. He’s performed at SXSW, Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Paleo Festival and Nyege Nyege to name a handful.

The 10th Anniversary Blankets & Wine show will be his first performance in Kenya of his latest album, Everyone’s Just Winging it and Other Fly Tales.

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