With her unique blend of sounds and influences mixing singing, rap, drumming, social commentary and colourful live performances, Muthoni Drummer Queen brings a rare flavor to the Kenyan music scene and beyond.

This creative entrepreneur and award-winning musician paves the way and inspires young Africans to think big both at home and away. Born and raised in Nairobi with a love for music and performing, Muthoni started putting on her own shows while at university and in that time realized her penchant for both performing and organizing showcases. Thus started the fire behind bangers like ‘Hidden Agenda (Mikono Kwenye Hewa)' and ‘Nai ni Ya Who’ and the ever popular Blankets & Wine and its sister festival, Africa Nouveau.

Her latest studio album titled ‘SHE’ is Muthoni’s second collaboration with Swiss producers Jean ‘Hook’ Geissbuhler and Greg ‘GR’ Escoffey is a full-on concept album with a different character in their own little movie on each track.

Catch her special SHE showcase at this year’s 10th Anniversary Blankets & Wine celebration.


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