She writes from the heart and his music covers a wide spectrum of emotions. Sage and Jarel are two artists who are defying genre labels and producing great and soulful music. Sage is mostly known for her breakout collaboration ‘So-Alive’ which she released early 2013 featuring Kenyan rapper, Octopizzo. Incidentally, this singer/songwriter/ instrumentalist got her big break when she became the backing vocalist and keyboardist to MDQ.

Jarel is the
"Urban Artist" whose lyricism is reminiscent of the golden era of song. Listen to him kill it on Somewhere in America. He fronts The Black Progression, a band that’s presently crafting a genre called world fusion, a blend of universal World Music and contemporary genres around us such as Seben, Jazz, Blues, Indie, Rumba.

Listen as the pair sit down ahead of their July 10th show at Blankets & Wine to talk about staying true to their craft, the Kenyan music industry and much more.