Blankets & Wine is an International family friendly music festival. Blankets & Wine held its first event in Kampala in August 2012 and has grown since to holding three to four events a year.

Blankets & Wine Music Experience is based on 8 to 12 musical acts with different styles of urban African music. Revelers sit on the picnic blankets, sip wine (or a drink of their choice), and watch the performances with family and friends.

Blankets & Wine Kampala has built a culture, lifestyle and community of loyal music fans who have demonstrated the will to spend their time and money on entertainment. The event has grown to have an average of 4,000 people at each edition.

We have a sincere love for urban African music and our aim is to show case urban African music such as afro jazz, afro-Soul, and emerging genres of urban African music but also a new approach to live music to keep offering a laid back, family friendly and picnic-style approach to music.

Blankets & Wine is widely recognised and admired because of its consistency within the region and has created an important platform for musicians across the East and Southern African region. We are currently running events in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with a plan to take this event across the continent.